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While some will call it innovative, these are truly weird on many levels.


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Cheap-shot again!!

A picture speaks a thousand words, video speaks even more.


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Cheap-shot Bob

Robert Horry (aka Big-shot Bob) always preaches that his secret to play big shots is that he enjoys the game and lets the game come to him. All thats good but after monday night it all seems to be a lie. He took a cheap-shot against Steve Nash and elbowed Raja Bell.

Thats not all, this cheap-shot has now led to unnecessary suspension of two major Sun Players for the next game (Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw).

Thas a dirty play by Roberty Horry and Spurs, its just not fair for the game and the fans.

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Can Bulls beat the Heat?

Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat meet in the playoff again this year. Last year Heat beat the Bulls and all other teams to become NBA Champs. I think this year it is going to be a very close series. Heat is an experienced team with likes of Shaq and Wade, but the Bulls have improved since last year.

Its going to be tough but Bulls have a chance this year and here’s why:

  1. Bulls have home advantage.
  2. Bulls beat Heat 3-1 this season.
  3. Bulls PPP (Points Per 100 Possession) isĀ  the best in the Eastern Conference, this signifies that it has a balanced offense and defense.
  4. Bulls have two difference makers this year, Ben Wallace and Tyrus Thomas.

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H1B Crisis

Please try to visit this link and support the cause for H1 reform.

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Don’t neglect Insourcing

A lot is discussed about Outsourcing in US and one can debate that with Outsourcing on the roll, the last thing US needs is Insourcing. But the fact is that one of the big reason for the success of US economy and companies have been the migration of the best brains in the world to US that works in and for US.

With the current visa cap/regulations/wait/policy, migration to US is becoming a big pain in the neck. Continuing neglection of Insourcing like this is going to make other economies grow stronger and then come back to compete with US.

And then, US is going to loose that attraction it has now.

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Are we really ready for the reality?

When I saw an issue in reality tv forming headlines in every newspaper across England and India, I found it ridiculous. I thought don’t they have anything better to do but to talk about reality tv now.

After reading the story, I found it was much wider issue of underlying racism in the British Society.You can watch a video of BBC news on this.

For some, it was so unreal that it must have been reality tv and for some it was so real that its a non-issue.

I really wonder if we are ready to face realities like this. Sometimes reality is disturbing and programmes like this should put a warning for that. Another example was showing Saddam Hussein’s execution. Its just not right.

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