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Cheap-shot again!!

A picture speaks a thousand words, video speaks even more.



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Cheap-shot Bob

Robert Horry (aka Big-shot Bob) always preaches that his secret to play big shots is that he enjoys the game and lets the game come to him. All thats good but after monday night it all seems to be a lie. He took a cheap-shot against Steve Nash and elbowed Raja Bell.

Thats not all, this cheap-shot has now led to unnecessary suspension of two major Sun Players for the next game (Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw).

Thas a dirty play by Roberty Horry and Spurs, its just not fair for the game and the fans.

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Can Bulls beat the Heat?

Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat meet in the playoff again this year. Last year Heat beat the Bulls and all other teams to become NBA Champs. I think this year it is going to be a very close series. Heat is an experienced team with likes of Shaq and Wade, but the Bulls have improved since last year.

Its going to be tough but Bulls have a chance this year and here’s why:

  1. Bulls have home advantage.
  2. Bulls beat Heat 3-1 this season.
  3. Bulls PPP (Points Per 100 Possession) isĀ  the best in the Eastern Conference, this signifies that it has a balanced offense and defense.
  4. Bulls have two difference makers this year, Ben Wallace and Tyrus Thomas.

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