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Taking a bite of Aapl

Apple Computers mainly designs and manufactures personal computer and digital music player. As most of you might already have, Ipods have taken this company to another level, people love and trust this company and its products.

I like the marketing strategy of Apple, they hardly put their product on sale. They charge good money for good products and give away software to get people to buy hardware.

Since Ipod sales is the most crucial factor to its financial resurgence, I always thought what will happen to this company once everyone will have an Ipod ? Well, they will come up with new/better/cool Ipods. Now you can make Ipod part of your excercise and how about having a cell phone within Ipod (always thought it would happen otherwise)

I stand corrected, Ipod sales are still soaring and with holiday season coming up, its just gonna go high. Apple Mac computers sales are going up too and with Microsoft delaying Vista, Apple has no additional competition for its computers as well.

They have had a recent set back with stock-options grant problem that has not let this share jump crazy, but its slowly making its way to top and I think its a good buy right now.

Hoping for Appl to make me some moolahs in next 6 months.


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