Can Bulls beat the Heat?

Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat meet in the playoff again this year. Last year Heat beat the Bulls and all other teams to become NBA Champs. I think this year it is going to be a very close series. Heat is an experienced team with likes of Shaq and Wade, but the Bulls have improved since last year.

Its going to be tough but Bulls have a chance this year and here’s why:

  1. Bulls have home advantage.
  2. Bulls beat Heat 3-1 this season.
  3. Bulls PPP (Points Per 100 Possession) is  the best in the Eastern Conference, this signifies that it has a balanced offense and defense.
  4. Bulls have two difference makers this year, Ben Wallace and Tyrus Thomas.

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  1. hammertime11790 said

    The Bulls can beat the Heat, but I don’t think they will.

    1. How can you bet against D-Wade after what he did in the playoffs last year?

    2. Who on the Bulls is going to perform like D-Wade does in the 4th and put the team on his back?
    Gordon, Deng, Hinrich, or someone else has to carry the team and score in the 4th quarter to beat the Heat. None of them have really shown that ability, Gordon and Deng are great 2nd options, but one of them needs to step up to be a good 1st option to beat the Heat.

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