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Are we really ready for the reality?

When I saw an issue in reality tv forming headlines in every newspaper across England and India, I found it ridiculous. I thought don’t they have anything better to do but to talk about reality tv now.

After reading the story, I found it was much wider issue of underlying racism in the British Society.You can watch a video of BBC news on this.

For some, it was so unreal that it must have been reality tv and for some it was so real that its a non-issue.

I really wonder if we are ready to face realities like this. Sometimes reality is disturbing and programmes like this should put a warning for that. Another example was showing Saddam Hussein’s execution. Its just not right.


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In Chicago, its the Bears market.

The fact is that Chicago is a Bears town. Not Bulls, not Cubs nor White Sox.

Chicago Bears is probably the most underrated team in NFL, it does not draw attention like Patriot, Colts, Falcons, Eagles etc. However, it has proved to be one of the best team in NFL with a better record than all the above teams.

Chicago wants its favorite team to be in the Super Bowl so bad and this year we are a step closer.

The key to the Bears success will be its Defense, as it always has been.

Go Bears…

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The much awaited iPhone has finally arrived. Steve Jobs announced it at the Macworld.

You can get a closer look at it in this video

iPhone will be available from June’07 and I think its going to be very successfull, its first look made me want to buy it.

People have been second guessing the iPhone’s design but Apple has beaten their wildest imaginations. It has the cool factor written all over it.

iPhone is much ahead of its time, hence no competion and the best part is that you finally don’t need to carry both your cell and an iPod.

I am not selling my Apple Shares anytime soon and yeah I am very proud of predicting the right time to buy it.

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