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Weird of the day

While some will call it innovative, these are truly weird on many levels.


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H1B Crisis

Please try to visit this link and support the cause for H1 reform.

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Don’t neglect Insourcing

A lot is discussed about Outsourcing in US and one can debate that with Outsourcing on the roll, the last thing US needs is Insourcing. But the fact is that one of the big reason for the success of US economy and companies have been the migration of the best brains in the world to US that works in and for US.

With the current visa cap/regulations/wait/policy, migration to US is becoming a big pain in the neck. Continuing neglection of Insourcing like this is going to make other economies grow stronger and then come back to compete with US.

And then, US is going to loose that attraction it has now.

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Feeds, Podcast and Blog

RSS Feeds, Podcast and Blog have become integral part of businesses on internet. If you are not using them, consider them asap. I am listing the advantages of having them for your business

1) RSS Feeds: Using RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, a business can quickly and easily broadcast its corporate news and product information to customers, partners and journalists. Customers can subscribe to this and get updates instantly.

2) Podcast: Using Podcasting, a business can send their information in multimedia (Audio and Video) to their customers. Same as RSS Feeds, customers can subscribe to this and get updates instantly.

3) Blog: Business Blogs brings you and your customers closer, it increases interactiviy and informality with the customers. This will let you know more about your customers, their demands and complains.

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Dwarf Planet ?

Pluto was recently stripped off its Planetary status. Two consistent reasons are.

– Pluto is too small and does not have enough gravitational pull to be a perfect sphere and neither to clear its neighborhood.

– Pluto’s off-center orbit intersects the orbital path of another planet (Neptune).

Astronomers wanted to get rid of the controversy/confusion surrounding Pluto because of its so many unique qualities. I’d say I was convinced with these reasonings and was ready to live with it. However, I got very curious to know that if Pluto is not a Planet, what is it?

Lot of articles were not consistent, but most said Pluto is now a “Dwarf Planet”.

A Dwarf Planet, What kind of name is that? Dwarf Planet is not a Planet ? or is it ?

I think they never wanted this controversy to end !!

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Doctors should prescribe blogging

Blogging can be a very good medium of letting out your ideas, thoughts, opinions, teachings, frustration ..

As soon as you publish a post on your blog, you have written something for the whole world to see (may with the exception of China?)

Ever feel like something is wrong with the world (War, Terrorism, Global Warming ..), just blog it, you will feel great about it. If you are lonely, it could be a great way to connect to the world and it could surprise you that how many people actually agree or for that matter disagree with you.

I believe that worst state a human faces is being helpless, dont be..write what you think is right and should have happened.

It is ok to write about things which other may disagree but never write about things that can hurt others (eg. Religion). Somethings would always have good and bad sides and should be presented in right way or you’d be better off not writing about it.

So, here we go, a blog about deep can we go ? 🙂

Keep your blogs rolling guys.

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