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Why I hate

Times Of India is the leading India newspaper but what they forgot is that with power comes responsibility.

Surat City is 80% under water with worst flood ever hit this city. Thousands and Thousands are stranded at home with no food, drinking water and electricity. This is not good-enough disaster to be mentioned in the front page of this website.

Here are the headlines from front page of Timesofindia and IndianExpress with no mention of Surat whatsoever.
Sourav Ganguly included in probables list
Now, desis train UK call centre workers
Indian killed in car mishap in Australia
MTV in a row over cartoon
For 1 McD burger, Delhi needs to slog an hr
Meanwhile, Sonia says ‘I am proud of PM’ looks more like a tabloid with juicy stories about flings, fashion, sports and hey hey, how can a website be bad if it shows pictures of semi-nude women on its main page plus a rating system ???

This site is nothing but a big joke and whats up with so many pop-ups from the leading newspaper of India ?

I think Rediff and Ndtv do a better job than Timesofindia. Timesofindia needs a major change to redeem themselves as good website and newspaper.

I am going to stop wasting my time over there and am boycotting this stupid website.


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