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I got enlightened — almost

I started reading this book called “A short history of nearly everything” and the author attempted to explain some tough questions like; How was universe created? How did life came? and How did something come up from nothing ??

I must say he made a hell of an attempt to explain it but for some reason something still bothered me and did not convince me.

I commute to work by bus and it takes me about 30 mins one way. This is usually the time when I think what I want to think or not think and weirdly I dont think so peacefully ever.

Anyway, one day while commuting, I started to ponder about these questions again and all of a sudden it struck me that we do not need to go around galaxies to find the answers, we are part of this universe and the answer should be within..yep I think the answer lies within oneself.

I am like not religious at all but I started to think thats what spirituality is and meditation seems one way to do it.

I call this enlightenment because everything started to make sense and things started to fall in place. Now, obviously the most difficult part would be to find the answers from within and get enlightened all the way 🙂


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