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Few weeks back I created a web-page to put my travel information on the map. It took me around 5-6 hours to complete that and it involved
1) Getting an api key from google.
2) Getting the co-ordinates of the places I want to put.
3) Writing custom code that zooms in and stuff.
4) Wrting my travel information. is really cool as it allows you to create the maps instantly by allowing you to draw pictures and labels on a google map using simple clicks and drags.

You can even email or put the map you just created on your blog or website.

Overall a pretty cool website.


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While it seems that every website is already making money (or atleast attempting) through Google Adsense, I came across this new site called AdBrite and was immediately impressed by the flexibility it gives the end-user.

Biggest advantage of AdBrite is that you can use it to sell spots directly on your site, and you can set your own price for these ads. Now ofcourse AdBrite would take a percentage of your income. However, its perfect for people who do not want to do legwork of finding, selling and billing advertisers themselves.

Obviously, Google Adsense is better in searching for most relevant ads, I am gonna keep my eyes out for AdBrite as I feel it will improve.

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