Webtop or Deskweb

Webtop is a new term floating around for applications that traditionally used to be on your desktop, but now can be seen and used on the web, thus making it available from any computer in any part of the world.

Since the Ajax hype, everyone is building webtops. eg. Google Calendar, Google Spreadsheets, NetVibes etc.

But there are also tools developed that can sit on your desktop and show you all the information that normally used to be accessed on the web. eg. Google Desktop, Yahoo widgets. I like to call these as Deskweb application, opposite of Webtop.

It seems like redudant work, so why do we have two different trends going on?. My guess is that some users prefer web while some prefer desktop application and may be some like both, and some have no clue about either 🙂

I predict that, instead of creating different applications showing same information, future applications will come with flexibility of converting your webtop to a deskweb and vice-versa, making everyone happy.



  1. skykid said

    I prefer Yahoo widgets , trough this is only because you need to install Google desktop in order to use their gadgets – and from what I have heard Google desktop is more or lease a breach into the security of your computer ( or privacy to be more precise ) . Other than that I think that your predictions are correct.



  2. iamnotyou said

    I think the reason for webtop is because you can go to any computer and see the same thing. Others typically use one computer but want ‘net content on their desktop (deskweb).

    I hate the idea of a desktop done in web 2.0. It’s slow, I feel stuck within a browser window, and I don’t trust my data being on some company’s server.

    I like your idea of combining the two. Why not a downloadable deskweb configuration, so wherever I go, I download some set of widgets that then install on my desktop and remove themselves when I’m done. Or even just a way to keep home and work desktop widgets in sync.

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