Dwarf Planet ?

Pluto was recently stripped off its Planetary status. Two consistent reasons are.

– Pluto is too small and does not have enough gravitational pull to be a perfect sphere and neither to clear its neighborhood.

– Pluto’s off-center orbit intersects the orbital path of another planet (Neptune).

Astronomers wanted to get rid of the controversy/confusion surrounding Pluto because of its so many unique qualities. I’d say I was convinced with these reasonings and was ready to live with it. However, I got very curious to know that if Pluto is not a Planet, what is it?

Lot of articles were not consistent, but most said Pluto is now a “Dwarf Planet”.

A Dwarf Planet, What kind of name is that? Dwarf Planet is not a Planet ? or is it ?

I think they never wanted this controversy to end !!


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