Why I hate TimesOfIndia.com

Times Of India is the leading India newspaper but what they forgot is that with power comes responsibility.

Surat City is 80% under water with worst flood ever hit this city. Thousands and Thousands are stranded at home with no food, drinking water and electricity. This is not good-enough disaster to be mentioned in the front page of this website.

Here are the headlines from front page of Timesofindia and IndianExpress with no mention of Surat whatsoever.
Sourav Ganguly included in probables list
Now, desis train UK call centre workers
Indian killed in car mishap in Australia
MTV in a row over cartoon
For 1 McD burger, Delhi needs to slog an hr
Meanwhile, Sonia says ‘I am proud of PM’

timesofindia.com looks more like a tabloid with juicy stories about flings, fashion, sports and hey hey, how can a website be bad if it shows pictures of semi-nude women on its main page plus a rating system ???

This site is nothing but a big joke and whats up with so many pop-ups from the leading newspaper of India ?

I think Rediff and Ndtv do a better job than Timesofindia. Timesofindia needs a major change to redeem themselves as good website and newspaper.

I am going to stop wasting my time over there and am boycotting this stupid website.



  1. JV said

    Hi, caught you in bad mood đŸ™‚

    This seems your first post.

  2. Hiren said

    For that mattr, I don’t think there wan much coverage in the newspaper either. Someone told me that the timesof india is only concerned with the news and nothng else. If that and what you said is true it should be rename

    “Only the pleasent times of india” – They did nor report surat but their “surat” changes completely.

  3. shambhu said

    Well, Timesofindia is some how good for providing news and view, but there are a lot of prop-up and pop-windows appeared while browsing news if please can you stop such unnecessary pop-up windows

    Thank you
    Shambhu Kadariya
    from Kathmandu, Nepal

  4. Rajiv said

    I too hate TOI. It is horrible.
    Read this:

  5. […] the professors instilled inside of me a kind of hatred that I have since harboured towards newspapers. A warm, glowing abhorrence for these vile filth-mongers who treat language as a drunken pimp would […]

  6. Christy Bharath said

    uhmm i didnt post the above link to my blog..looks like someone else did uhmmm thats uhmmm yeah ok, I guess

    do agree about the decay of language though

  7. lallaa said

    The waterlogging etc is no more a news now, it’s like the tres fell in the rain. There’s nothing new to it. Why do you ythink the papers or media should keep talking about it, hasn’t it been happening for ages? should all of us do somethingabout the state of affairs which is deteriorating? The job of a newspaper is it to write about news, and TOI writes in a manner that’s understood by the majority of people in the country.

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